A data visualization tool

How does it work

Create a new category and track events when they happen.

To track an event click on "Track now" on a specific category or create a new event using the new event form.


A category is a name that can be used to reference a set of events.
Examples: read a book, workout, brush your teeth.

Categories form a hierarchy.
Example: the "workout" category has two subcategories "running" and "push-ups".


An event is a value associated to a point in time and a category.


Future development


A chart is a visual representation of a set of events.


A workspace is a collection of charts and a configuration that includes properties that will control its rendering style.


A theme defines the look and feel of a workspace. It will be possible to create custom themes. It will also be possible to buy and sell themes in the themes marketplace.

Data sources

It will be possible to load data from external data sources, including CSV, spreadsheets, XML, etc.


Create a new event


Create a new category


I bought this domain, then I asked the Indie Hackers community what they thought I should do with it and the majority of people wanted for it to be a data visualization tool.

Follow the progress of this project at

Privacy disclaimer

None of the data you'll input in the app is sent across the network.

All of it is kept in your browser's local storage. That means that if you wanted to you could use this app even without being connected to the Internet.